Nordic nRF5 SDK

  Outlines for Softdevice [REFERENCE] The program memory is divided into two regions at compile time. The SoftDevice Flash Region is located between addresses 0x00000000 and APP_CODE_BASE – 1 and is occupied by the SoftDevice. The Application Flash Region is located between the addresses APP_CODE_BASE and the last valid address in the flash memory and […]

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Nordic nRF5x S132 SoftDevice

Introduction The S132 SoftDevice is a Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) Central and Peripheral protocol stack solution. Supports up to eight connections with an additional Observer and a Broadcaster role all running concurrently. The S132 SoftDevice integrates a BLE Controller and Host, and provides a full and flexible API for building Bluetooth® Smart nRF52 System on […]

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Nordic nRF52 using GNU/GCC

First Test with Blinky For detailed explanation: Tutorial on Development with GCC and Eclipse Download the cross-compiler for ARM here: GNU toolchain for ARM Cortex-M Download the SDK which includes some of the softdevice and some examples that are good to start with. Remember to change GNU_INSTALL_ROOT to the path to your cross compiler in the file <path_to_SDK>/components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.posix (for Linux) Download nrfjprog(Linux) (a tool for flashing .hex […]

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Fixed Point Number in Hardware

Intro. Representing floating point in hardware is a great challenge when we’re limited by area and precision. The general way of representing floating point is by using IEEE 754 Floating Point standard. But the amount of storage needed for that standard is way too big for our needs, so we came up with our own […]

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Bubble Sort using Hardware

  Overall design of hardware Single Stage Design   Design of Bubble Sort For parallelism, bubble sort is broke down in to odd and even parts. A total of n (number of elements) iterations will be needed. Both odd and even parts can be done in parallel on every iteration. Basic Idea of Odd and Even Sort [source] Block […]

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