Nordic nRF52 using GNU/GCC

First Test with Blinky

For detailed explanationTutorial on Development with GCC and Eclipse

  1. Download the cross-compiler for ARM here: GNU toolchain for ARM Cortex-M
  2. Download the SDK which includes some of the softdevice and some examples that are good to start with.
  3. Remember to change GNU_INSTALL_ROOT to the path to your cross compiler in the file <path_to_SDK>/components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.posix (for Linux)
  4. Download nrfjprog(Linux) (a tool for flashing .hex files into the board):
  5. Download J-Link. (nrfjprog is based on J-Link, thus we can use JLink to flash .hex files into the platform as well.)
  6. Remember to move the contents of J-Link to /opt/SEGGER/JLink as nrfjprog reads the libraries located in that file.

Github of Nordic



Transmission speed of Bluetooth


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