Image White Balance

Introduction White balance is used to remove unrealistic colour casts caused by different light source. It’s easy for human eyes to adjust what we see according to the light source of the current environment but it’s hard for the camera to adjust according to the lighting condition of the room. Sometimes, we refer that as […]

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Image Scaling

Sometimes, we’ll have to scale an image to fit into an article or enlarge and image to have a better view on the smaller aspects in an image. There’re a few methods of image scaling methods out there, some of them are: nearest neighbour replication, bilinear interpolation and bicubic interpolation. The method that I’ll be […]

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Resolution Quantization

Each pixel of an image is usually representing using 4 bytes: 3 colors (R,G,B) and Alpha (A) or just 3 bytes (R,G,B). As we know 1 byte is 8 bits and it can represent values from 0 to 255 (unsigned). Thus in terms of RGB a pixel will have a combination of 224 which is 16777216 […]

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