GMM-Based Speaker Recognition

Introduction GMM vs K-Means First, we’ll have to understand what are hard decisions and soft decisions . Hard Decision A data point is clustered to a single cluster and the results are final. Soft Decision A data point is modeled by a distribution of clusters, thus it will be probabilistically defined and there’s no definite […]

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Linear Models for Classification

Introduction There’re 3 major methods on working with classification: Discriminant Function Probabilistic Generative Model Probabilistic Discriminative Model The first method is brute-force method which is what neural networks uses. It consist of least square classification, Fisher’s linear discriminant and perceptron algorithm. Our focus will be on the following 2 models which involves a probabilistic viewpoint. […]

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LPC & Cepstrum & MFCC

As the title, there’re several ways on extracting important information from speech signals. We’ll dive into all of them. All speech signals will be pre-emphasized  by a pre-emphasis filter of   As we know, the whole process of LPC coefficient extraction can be divided into the following stages: source: First, we would like to find […]

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Wiener Filter

Wiener filter is a filter used to remove degradation from a image without being affected by noise that’s present in the image. If wiener filter is not used, and the image is restored just by dividing the frequency domain of an image by the frequency domain of the future, the image will be badly corrupted […]

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Image White Balance

Introduction White balance is used to remove unrealistic colour casts caused by different light source. It’s easy for human eyes to adjust what we see according to the light source of the current environment but it’s hard for the camera to adjust according to the lighting condition of the room. Sometimes, we refer that as […]

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